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A pure, genuine and healthy olive oil.

Organic extra-virgin olive oil

Taste and health are the twin pillars the production of all Frantoio Gentili extra-virgin olive oil is based on.
Every olive we use is grown organically and comes from farms that have adopted EC Regulation no. 2092/91, undertaking to use only organic fertilisers and natural minerals to rise to the agronomic challenge.

Olio Biologico

How we process organic olives at Frantoio Gentili

At Frantoio Gentili, the organic olives arrive from the fields of our trusted farmers between 6 and 12 hours after harvesting. Afterwards, all the machinery is washed carefully to prevent the Organic olives and oil from coming into contact with the oil produced in the traditional way.

The Organic oil that remains here on the premises is stored in steel tanks in a nitrogen atmosphere; this procedure helps to protect the oil from phenomena that might damage the quality, such as fermentation and oxidation. Thus, Frantoio Gentili Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil maintains all its original beneficial properties intact.

The benefits of the Organic extra-virgin olive oil

While during childhood, extra-virgin olive oil assists proper growth and bone formation, during adulthood, extra-virgin olive oil is especially useful for protecting the cardiovascular system and for its antioxidant properties.

In addition, recent studies have highlighted a further virtue of olive oil, indicating that it may even cut the risk of Alzheimer's disease. There's no doubt about it: regular consumption of extra-virgin olive oil is an invaluable element in any diet.